Ace Tales

A bonafide game changer: You play - We donate
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An adventure like no other
  • Supports Charity

  • Beautiful Cartoon Style Graphics

  • Easy To Play - Hard To Master

What the press say

  • While the game does have a donation option that will reward players with cool powerups, the majority of the donated funds will actually come from advertising revenue so players don’t have to spend anything to help our less fortunate canine companions. This is an extremely clever example of activism through video gaming and we wouldn’t be surprised to see other developers following Bugbyte Production’s lead on this one.

  • Ace Tales gameplay is best described as an “odd couple” style mashup of bullet hell shooters like Sine Mora and power up based arcade games like Donkey Kong. There won’t be any bullets flying around the screen in this game though, at least not in the traditional sense, as players will instead have to use their fingers to guide Ace out of the way of gaseous hot air balloons, squirrels with jetpacks, and a host of other absurdly hilarious adversaries who also want the prize money.

  • Set in the same universe as Bugbyte’s previous title Daredogs, Ace Tales is an addicting flying game that feels like Jetpack Joyride on steroids. Players take on the role of veteran fighter pilot Ace as he embarks on his most important mission yet, a perilous flight across the Atlantic that will test every skill the grizzled old canine has ever learned.

  • Acts of compassion in real life and video games are two things you don’t normally see go hand in hand, but independent developer Bugbyte Productions is on a mission to change all that with its intriguing new Indiegogo project Ace Tales.